Flex Models

The Original Flex Model

Does the Flex Classic model suit your needs?

Our original model was crafted in 2019 by our founder Jessica Ghaney. It consists of bi-weekly payouts that we call Talent Bonuses.

Your Talent Bonus is calculated based on a percentage of profits made. We pay you 10% of all profits generated on the trading account every two weeks. You can be eligible for your first payout in as little as two weeks after signing up.

In addition to your Talent Bonus, we also issue what we call Funded Earnings. At the end of each trading month, you have the opportunity to add every dollar you earn up to 5% of the account size you were trading into your Funded Earnings. This is in
addition to your Talent Bonus.

Here’s an example:

If you were trading a 100k Flex Classic account and ended your trading month with a profit of $10k, you would be paid out your $1k Talent Bonus plus $5k would be added to your Funded Earnings.

Once your Funded Earnings have grown to 15% of the Flex Classic account size you are trading, you will gain access to an Elite account of that size.

For example, if you are trading a $100k Flex account you would need to build your Funded Earnings up to $15k in order to access and trade the Elite account. Once you begin trading the Elite account, you’ll be able to withdraw 75% of any profits made. Please note you cannot withdraw the initial balance of the Elite account.

Click here for more information on Elite accounts.

Flex Classic Trading Guidelines

Make sure when trading your Flex Classic account you follow our drawdown, consistency and other guidelines.

Flex Aggressive Model

Have a larger appetite for risk? You may be better suited to trade our Flex Aggressive model.

Our Flex Aggressive model was crafted in 2020 by our founder Jessica Ghaney to allow more flexibility for traders with a more aggressive approach.

When traders use our Flex Aggressive model, the goal is to build up and access the Elite account. 20% of all profits made are added to the trader’s Elite account every two weeks, instead of issuing a bi-weekly cash Talent Bonus. Additionally, you can enjoy larger drawdown parameters and the consistency rule does not apply.

Traders are able to access and trade the Elite account once the account balance reaches 15% of the chosen account size. Once this Elite account is accessed, the trader can enjoy a profit split of 90% on any profits made. The initial account balance of the Elite account cannot be withdrawn.

Here is an example, based on a $100k account balance:

If you were trading the $100k account and made a profit of $20k in a two week period, we would add $4k into your Elite account. If by the end of the month you managed another $20k profit (resulting in $40k net profit) you would have another
$8k added to your Elite account. This would bring your Elite account balance to $12k, and you are almost ready to trade it and start earning!

Click here for more information on Elite accounts.

Flex Aggressive Trading Guidelines

Make sure when trading your Flex Aggressive account you follow all rules and guidelines.

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