Funding Talent Challenge

Challenge Model

Confident in Your Skills? Try our Funding Talent Challenge.

Our Challenge model is a more traditional approach to funding based on a two step evaluation process.

If you choose to try our challenge, you are required to complete two target based phases before accessing a larger Elite account with a bigger profit split. You can then enjoy many perks of your Challenge Elite account that include no trading style parameters, an 80% profit split, and bi-weekly payouts!

Here’s what the two phases look like.

Complete phase one by achieving an 8% profit target. Once you have successfully completed this phase, reach out to our team and you’ll receive new details for phase two.

Next, complete phase two by achieving a 4% profit target. Once completed, you’ll move on to the Funding Talent Elite account.

Click here for more information on Elite accounts.

Challenge Trading Guidelines

Make sure when trading your Challenge account you follow all rules and guidelines.

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