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Welcome to the Scaling Plan section of our website.

The Scaling Plan applies to all Funding Talent Elite accounts and provides an opportunity for members to increase their Elite account balance by 25% in three month increments.

Basic Requirements

By meeting the following requirements, you will be eligible to scale your Elite account.


You must trade for at least 3 months on the Elite account.


You must be profitable for at least 2 out of those 3 months.


You must have a minimum of 3% growth on 2 out of those 3 months.


What happens if I have a drawdown violation?

If a drawdown violation occurs on your Elite account, the account will become void and you will no longer be eligible for the Scaling plan.

Is there a limit with the Scaling plan?

No, as long as you continue to meet the requirements you will be able to continue to scale your Elite account.

Will the Scaling plan include the profits generated on the Elite account?

Yes, the Scaling Plan will increase your account balance by 25%, not your account deposit. For example, if a 100k Elite account was eligible and had a balance of 110k, the Scaling plan would allow you to increase the deposit value to 137.5k.

If I withdraw my share of the profit, will that impact the monthly returns assessed for the Scaling plan?

No, withdrawals will not be deducted from your monthly returns. We will factor this in when assessing your account for Scaling eligibility.

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